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Remote Executive Assistants


Arcane was founded with a clear belief that the new age organizations need leaders to be able to dedicate their time and effort for crucial decision making. Modern leaders are juggling between operations, process improvement and expansion; thereby leaving myriad routine tasks and activities unattended.


Arcane has identified this need and has established a support system that offers to take away all the routine & non critical activities. Our team of experienced executive assistants come with the expertise, to provide intellectual support apart from the administrative duties. While such need is well recognized among the multinational set ups, the grass root companies will reap richer rewards by freeing their leaders and decision makers' time for business impact activities. We offer a systematic solution which releases time for organizational creativity. The business environment today is making a rapid shift towards a virtual mode. Remote executive assistants would be able to service executives who no longer are restricted to a location, hence it is futile to have such support’s presence fulltime at the premise. This model offers a definitive cost advantage from not just that of manpower but also of the space, logistics, equipments, employee benefits among others; thereby being able to redirect those reserves back into bettering the business offerings.


Arcane has progressed to become the fastest growing & also the most sought after remote executives assistant providers. We specialize in partnering with our clients to customize the service offerings to better suit their specific business requirements. Our intent is to forge lasting relationships through unsurpassed customer service. 


Arcane is a specialised unit of Excelsior India, which continues to do exponential work in understanding human capital and their optimal utilization. Coming from this house of research, global connect, knowledge and experience we will be able to offer a model that is conclusive and relevant to your business needs and wants.





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